another innocent girl


I woke up with my eyes crusted shut again. If I get an eye infection on top of this 10 day cold I won’t be too pleased. In fact, there may be some violence. Also, the top wisdom teeth are being pulled out on Wednesday. Wish me good health and fast recovery.

I dreamed I gave birth to a girl and had to drive home from the hospital by myself because no one was there for the delivery. I didn’t own a car seat so I had to hold her on one arm and steer with the other. I suddenly realized why Britney Spears had to carry her son on her lap that time the poparazzi slammed her. I saw another woman in a car holding a newborn baby and felt relieved I wasn’t the only one doing it, but then realized she was waiting for her husband to drive the car. I also kept driving in circles and got lost. When I got home I drove into the garage and my mother asked to hold her and asked what her name was. In truth I hadn’t actually thought of a name so I quickly said Tegan. I also thought that Chris would be upset because he didn’t give me something (the baby) that would make me so happy.

One Response to “another innocent girl”

  1. Meeeeeeeeeee said

    Heather and violence? Nahhhhhhh…. hahahahaha
    Give me advance warning and i’ll be there with a camera!

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