peanut butter and nutella


Have been holding the cravings for anything sweet lately. One sandwich a day and I’m set for 24 hours. Not to mention, it gives a nice kick of energy in the A.M. Nice system, I think.

Today is my birthday and I’m twenty-two. Last night Em, J and I went for Greek food, and they surprised me with an amazing tirimisu cake. I hope to post pictures from the evening as soon as my laptop raises itself from the dead (or I get new, uncorrupted, back-up cds). Tonight is Thai with Jin and possibly some more of that cake…

Thinking about the last year (literally, the last 365 days have been a whirlwind) of my life has been pretty intense lately. I realise how different I am and how much I’ve grown. That sentence doesn’t even begin to do what I’ve gone through justice, though. Every day thoughts have changed from complete unhappiness, guilt, anger, lonliness and abandonment to positive things. Self achievement, personal growth, a positive lyfestyle, health, my happiness and what I deserve are only a few of the things that wash through my head every day. Negative thinking used to be the only way my mind saw things surrounding me, and now I’m so full of happiness it’s frightening sometimes. Healthy and important relationships have grown much stronger, and I’m surrounding myself with powerful people who impact my life only for the better. I’m reading more, feeling more creative, and don’t even mind Vancity. For that, thanks.

This also looks promising. Moving of the 21st century, I think.

There has also been a recall on this Method. I was recently introduced to the brand via Mike & Chris and applaud the environmentally-friendly efforts.


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