Save for the three hours of sleep I got last night, today ended up being a pretty good birthday after all. I finished the paper and then Mom called and sang me Happy Birthday over the phone. She also convinced me to go buy a new laptop. So, I did. Vista isn’t horrible yet, but the laptop did shut off for no reason earlier this evening. I didn’t get the extended warranty, either. Wish me luck.

Jin and I went for dinner (after a rushed effort of getting me to to bus stop as I had fallen asleep) to Montri’s, a delicious Thai place in Kits. Then we went to True Confections and had Cheese Cake and some Black and White Cake (cause here in Vancity we diversify).

Came home and that’s about it. I got money from my parents and Baba, and a Listen Jar from Em. Also, I’m thankful that Facebook has birthday reminders. Never have I felt so loved!

Em, this is for you.

And these pictures are incredible.


One Response to “12:12”

  1. Meeeeeeeeeee said

    I’m still waiting for pics of that listen jar…=P

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