falling slowly


Today I watched Once, a modern day musical about an Irish Guy and a Czech Girl who meet in Dublin who, over the course of a few days make beautiful music together and relive their past loves while realizing their budding love for one another. Interesting story that goes with it: I downloaded a bunch of music from The Frames. Mike asked “Who are the Frames?” so I sent him a song. Then he said “I don’t like this guy’s voice.” Okay, fair enough. Then he sends me a package with some movies. The Oscars come and go, and Jin tells me that this movie set in Irish “that you would like, Heather” wins for best original score. I finally watched Once, and realize that not only is the Irish Guy the lead singer from The Frames, but this is also the movie that won for best score. Weird coincidence I think. Pointed that out to Mike and he said he still doesn’t like The Frames, but the movie wasn’t bad. Confuuuuusing! Maybe? Whatever.

I had my interview today and I think it went well enough? They asked a lot of random questions regarding admin, personal characteristics, what makes a good teacher, past experiences, etc. etc. All I can say is it’s over and now everything is in their hands. I find out in May whether I’m in or not. Wish me luck, but I’m totally okay with not getting in.

I’ve been thinking that I’ll work for a while, at least over the entire summer, and possibly go to Europe next year. I’ve been thinking about being an Au Pair. I think that’d be cool!

Also, thanks to Dave I’m going to make either a Thomas the Tank Engine or Elmo mural for his wall using The Rasterbator. This is genius!


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