the city is a drag


Apparently I haven’t posted in a while. Where have the days gone? There are only three weeks left of school, and I couldn’t be more excited only if I didn’t have to take a summer course. But, one course shouldn’t be a big deal. Human Body here I come!

Tonight I saw Hawksley Workman for the first time. He was great! Really funny and charismatic, and had a raw energy about him. He plays a bazillion instruments so he was all over the stage. Jin told me he likes to strip off his clothes, and in the middle of the show he took off clothes down to a t shirt and pants and then put on a bright green jumpsuit. Then the band came out also wearing the jumpsuits and they played the remainder of the show in them. Still, the strangest part about it was the venue: a United Church. Yep, that’s right. It was so strange. Images of God and Mary and Jesus all over the place while Hawksley sang Striptease. Oh, and during the really intense songs I got pretty creeped out because the atmosphere in the church was just weird. Lesson? Don’t make a church the venue for a show. I did get nice t shirt, though.

Also, this month’s edition of Pipeline, a Guiding magazine published 4 times/year apparently has an image of me at camp with other leaders finishing off a large pail of ice cream. I’m waiting eagerly for my issue.

Apparently John Stanmeyer is up for an award for his malaria pictures. And so he should be.

For some reason this shirt design screams Tegan and Sara.

And, I think I want one of these clocks. Though, a collection would probably look cooler.

Tomorrow is the last day of classes this week, and I have a large painting project due which I haven’t really been working on. I think I’ll stay home and work on it during the day and try to get it handed in later in the day. Or possibly next week. We’ll see how I feel.

I’ve watched a couple movies lately: Atonement, Charlie Bartlett, and Running with Scissors. Has anyone read the memoir RWS is based on? That movie was so messed up but I really, really enjoyed it and would love to read the memoir. Hit me up if you know.

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