dead dog days


Wowzas it’s been a while.

School’s over. Well, most of it. I have one summer course left to take and it starts next Monday. I’m not working, and feel like I should take volunteer somewhere other than just Pathfinders. A couple of my girls are in softball so I’m going to make it out to as many of their games as possible. I’ll miss a lot of them when I move back home.

On a happy note, Dave’s coming to visit me tomorrow! Hopefully it’s sunny and doesn’t rain. We’re going to hit Wreck beach for sure.. I wonder if its warm enough for any of the usual nudes yet. Hmm..

I’ve been cleaning and trying to get things ready to send home. Mom wants me to box as much up as possible and send things via Greyhound. That way I can just fly home and they won’t need to drive out for a pick up. I think the toughest things to pack will be the art supplies. I should go down to the shop and take all my frames apart. Sigh.

As for fun stuff:

I’m not sure which guy I’m more embarrassed for.

My love for peanut butter and celery has grown ten-fold.

Also, this is a positive lesson for everyone.

And! My Wintersleep shirt came in today, but it’s too small. Grr.. It’s the boobs, I swear. Anyway, I’m going to wear it under sweaters or something. It might also be another motivation for me to work out.

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