he was on vacation


Here’s the low down on Dave’s visit:

z) I waited for his shuttle in front of Chapters (a big book store), and to pass time I bought two small art books. When I came outside I sat at a table and began to read. A very drunk man got out of a bus and walked right over to me and began to talk to me about nonsensical thing–the kind very drunk men talk about. A security officer came over and stood by me (for fear of something happening?) and I told the drunk man that if he wanted to sit at the table I didn’t care, but I wanted to read my book. So, I got bored of his shenanigans and called Dave. I realized his bus would be stopped across the street, so I crossed. The drunk man followed across the street, but he didn’t care to use the cross walk and stopped traffic. Then he knocked over a newspaper stand and wanted to start fights with random people. Then the security officer crossed the road and asked if I knew where the drunk man went but I just said down the street in the general direction. It was a strange time

y) Dave showed up basically on time and we made out way to campus. He was cold and blamed it on being in a warm bus for so long. I was warm, and quite pleasant. He says he doesn’t have the extra layer of Canadian skin. Poor kid.

x) On the bus ride home he was quite impressed with the long buses that turn in the middle.

w) Once home we hung out in my apartment for a while; he didn’t meet Jin for a while because she was in the library studying for Law exams. Poor girl.

v) He finally got hungry so we walked toward the Village. We stopped at some place on the way but it was too expensive and the kitchen was closed. So instead we opted for McDonald’s food. Yum, grease.

u) The next day I let him sleep in a bit since he’d had little to know sleep for the past 98 hours. We went to Granville Island, took a small ferry to English Bay, walked around the beach and went downtown. We spotted this awesome 6 floor music shop which was somewhat deceiving because some floors didn’t have anything to do with music. One floor had a randomly large amount of grand pianos though. 45k for some of them.

t) That night we went to Student Kitchen Project and made random pizzas. They both received rave reviews, but neither of us liked the crust all that much. Pooey.

s) That night we went to Em’s place to say hello (and pick up some tasty treats she bought for me at T&T); then we probably watched a movie

r) Friday we met up with Em and Jen to hit the Aquarium and Stanley Park. We watched a dolphin show, saw the Belugas, and enjoyed a once in a lifetime (or so it seems) event of the huge walrus actually swimming. I think our favorite exhibit, though, was the jellyfish.

q) We went to the Stanley Park beach and found a purse. In a really (really) long and round about way we found the owner and returned her purse. Needless to say, she was definitely hung over, and told Dave and me that she “loses this purse everywhere, even on the bus.” Right.

p) After that we went back to my apartment and relaxed for a bit until…

o) Dinner at some crazy Korean BBQ/Japanese all you can eat place. It was really good food, but just way too much! Dave and I each drank a Molson Canadian and liked it.

n) We then proceeded to Moxies where Dave and I got shwasted. It was a glorious time, really. We did two rounds of shots (and one included two other people’s shots). The second round was gross, but we were both done in by the end of the night. Dave had to piss really badly when we got back to campus, so he Christianed some random bush. My friends left us to stumble back home, but we met up with them anyway. Slow, slow walkers. Somehow we stumbled home well enough, almost passed out on the couch but mustered enough energy to go to real bed.

m) The next morning we woke up really early, and this didn’t sit well with me for the rest of the day (no sleep make Heather not feel good). Neither of us felt particularly sick, but a bit more sleep would have been nice.

l) So, Emily picked us up and we went Go Karting! Emily drove us to Joyce’s house where I tried to get a sneak of her house. Sadly, all I could muster was peeking through the mail slot. It wasn’t as messy as she thinks. Anyway, Go Karting was a huge success, save for Joyce not knowing whether or not she enjoyed herself. Somehow it was behind Flight Simulation in ranking of ‘fun.’

k) We then went to some mall in Richmond which boasted a 2 dollar store. There Dave and I each bought a Happy Woody Doll, and I found an incredible pencil case. I think I might go back at some point just to remember how ridiculous it was.

j) This is an edit; I forgot a J.

i) Joyce came over and I made her, Dave and me some pasta with meat sauce. Joyce liked it (and Joyce never likes pasta) and even had seconds. We watched Robot Chicken and I think we scarred her. Joyce was fascinated by the use of a wooden spoon, and that despite me saying I have “no” food in the house, I actually have some. Dave suggested she start a television show, and guaranteed she’d receive great ratings/reviews.

h) That night we watched 3 movies (I think): Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Batman and Robin, and something else I don’t remember. Good times.

g) Sunday we slept in til 1:00 and the day disappeared really fast:

f) Dave did laundry

e) Dave borrowed music and movies from my external

d) We almost fell asleep on the air mattress putting off finishing his laundry until we realized it was already 6 and should get up. So we went for a walk around campus, trekked down to Wreck Beach and trekked back up from Tower Beach. It was a [good] time had by all, and I even convinced him to start walking more. Weee!

c) We talked about how much cooler it’d be if we lived in the same city (any city, really), and that hanging out in real life is much better than MSN (what isn’t, really?) and that we both enjoyed each other’s company. w00t!!?! BFF 4 LIFE!!??!?!!11one!

b) That night we got little sleep cause we’d been used to staying up til 4 watching movies and because he had to catch the shuttle at 5:30 (ew). We called a cab and the driver was really nice. We went to Timmy’s where we had really weird service from someone I think was new at the time, enjoyed scalding hot drinks, and ate some pretty nasty baking. Sadly, I didn’t appreciate the experience. What’s happening, Timmy?

a) The shuttle came right on time and took Dave back to America, away from the pouring rain and cold weather that even us Canadians hate. Grr.

If I forgot anything important (which more than definitely happened, I apologize cause I’m not about to edit all the lettering.

2 Responses to “he was on vacation”

  1. Meeeeeeeeeee said

    Whoooooooooo good times. Let’s go again!

  2. Dave! said

    Simply lovely. =D

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