what you are is sorry


I got a job at Shoppers on Dunbar. The kids are nice, my boss is easy going, the wage is decent. Unless something better paying comes along I should be there for a while.

Jin and I are moving out. Know anyone who has a 2 BR basement suite for 1000 or less? Didn’t think so. We want something with a decent travel time to UBC (though, since I’m only on campus 1/week next term I don’t really care). Nothing around here is cheap enough though.

I’m reading James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces, and regardless of the scandals, I think it’s an incredibly powerful moving novel for anyone who believes they should give up on anything. Whether or not Frey embellished details doesn’t matter; he lived a life, and based on those events he wrote a novel for people to read as a self help book. I completely support him.

Oh, and by the way. Watch “Where the hell is Matt?


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