peace beneath the city


Yesterday morning I woke up at the same time I was supposed to leave my house for work. I had to call a cab and, since the cab company knows I usually tip well, they sent a car pretty quickly. Still sucks that one point five hours went to getting to work. Oh well.

Work’s okay. It needs to stay that way. I don’t want to get bored too soon this year with school (mind you, I’m only taking one class that meets once/week). I’m going to train in Post Office which should give me a raise. I’m going to volunteer some more this year, too. I want to get into some high schools and create a book club, volunteer with the art department, and/or help some peer tutor groups. I’m still doing the guiding thing, too.

Here’s our living room!

And our kitchen!

Eventually my room will make its way onto the blogosphere. Until then, good night.

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