daisies and dragons and a river


Last Friday I cooked Ross a delicious dinner of pork chops baked in mushroom soup, cream ‘n dill potatoes, and some grilled green beans and tomatoes. We were both very proud. Because he’s so sweet, he brought me a beautiful bouquet of yellow daisies (and to my surprise they are still very much alive!).

Hm. Before you comment on the blender-vase, you should be informed that Jin and I rock the ghetto-fab look throughout our entire house. If it bothers you, you are more than welcome to buy us a real vase.

Sunday night Jin, her friends, and I went to the Chinese Lantern Festival in Richmond. It was a fun adventure since no one actually knew where it was. Luckily the bus driver was very kind and told us at which stop to jump out the window.

The festival was much fun, and we saw a lot of gorgeous displays. Getting home took a bit longer than we’d hoped, and we all love bus rides as much as we love broken bones.

Oh, there was one display that confused us:

.. in case you can’t read that, it says Dinosaur World. “At a Chinese Lantern Festival?” we asked. Then Jin, and her intellectual brain, reminded us that fossils were found in China. “Of course. That makes much more sense now…”. The displays were unlike anything else at the festival, and reminded us of a high school production set of Jurassic Park.

Last bit of information, Okkervil River with Seawolf and Zykos is tonight at 930. I’m pretty pumped! I’ll post pictures tomorrow.


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