home, home on the plains


Last week was wonderful. I spent much needed time at home with my mother and nephew. Unfortunately my father had to travel all over Saskatchewan and Alberta for work, so I only spent a couple days with him. The time was enjoyed regardless. My brother worked a lot, and my sister and her boyfriend were only in town for less than 24 hours. Oh well.

We celebrated my nephew’s 4th birthday on Saturday. Baba made a cake and cool pajamas, I bought him Play Doh, my sister and her boyfriend gave him clothes, which he didn’t think was a really great birthday gift, my brother gave him Optimus Prime, and my parents spoiled him like any good grandparents should.

He attached himself to my hip the entire weekend, and we enjoyed several flights into outer space, a plethora of tickle fights, sticker creations, bike riding and sidewalk chalk adventures, and the obligatory last night sleepover.

I was able to have the three things I wanted most: sleep, a bath (not just a shower, I mean), and home cooked meals.

Some friends and I went to the bar on Saturday night. Since Mello and I didn’t feel like dancing, we stayed at the booth and enjoyed not one, or two, or three, but four different groups of boys trying to entertain us with their drunken antics. Of course we knew what they all wanted (and our theories were proved once they left our table and paraded the dance floor with sluts and yuppies later on), but we just laughed instead. Oh the love.

Mello and I also enjoyed dinner at a favorite pasta place for old time’s sake. It was nice to sit in the familiar environment. It was upsetting to find the prices had increased and the portions had decreased.

Needless to say, I had a lovely time. It’s just too bad the holiday couldn’t have been a tad longer. Oh well, in 6 weeks I’ll be enjoying Saskatoon once again.

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