(my) christmas is over already


Last weekend we had our family Christmas party. It was so much fun despite the fact that the entire extended family wasn’t there. Sok, this was the “off” year that the family doesn’t do a large Christmas. It was still fun. The adults had a gift exchange, and I ended up with some wine that my nephew picked for me. We started with Wall-E which I bought for the exchange, and then Mom stole that, so we ended up with wine. It was fun. I bought Jeshaiah ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’ and ‘Snakes and Ladders’. When he opened up the latter he looked at me, said “Thank you Auntie Heather!” and gave me the most genuine hug ever. Earlier that day we’d been trying to find ‘kids games’ for him, so he was really excited.

My mother made me ‘Dirty Mothers’ (Kaluha, Tequila, and milk) all night long, which was entertaining. I was pretty happy the rest of the evening.

I also landed a part time gig at a muffin shop in the mall. It’s fun, and the owners really like me. They said I could have management if I came back and worked for them in the spring. They said told me this on my first day.. Apparently good help is hard to find.

On the warm(er) days I made snow angels and had snow fights with Jeshaiah, played games with him and just generally hung out with him. It got down to -44 a couple days last week, so we stayed inside for most of those days! Been spending time with friends, and Steph came back from Edmonton Monday so I’ve been trying to spend time with her.

Otherwise, things are normal. Christmas is over and I feel blessed that I’m not caught up in the hustle and bustle of the shopping season. It’s amazing how much I’ve realised Christmas = Shopping (not that I’d never thought about it before) this year, especially since seeing it from an outside perspective. It’s quite nice.


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