reflections for a new year


I’ve taken a while to write anything about what 2008 meant to me because the year was quite important in my journey of self discovery. I wrote an email to a friend last night and, though it rambled on for quite some time, I was unable to point out every single feeling about last year. Trying to say goodbye to something that was so important is difficult, but here’s my brief attempt:

Goodbye to:
The year I realized I was emotionally healed.
The year I met Mike in OK city.
The year Dave came to visit.
The year I decided to graduate school without a Visual Art minor, dropped the summer class I was failing, declined the acceptance into the UofS College of Education, and stay at UBC one more year so I could get my minor.
The year I fell in love with Vancouver.
The year I fell in love (again).
The year I didn’t get any more loans to help pay for school/rent/living and worked full time while taking a class.
The year I moved (again).
The year I saw some pretty amazing live shows.
The year my art meant something to me.
The year I decided that I’m going to be okay.

Still, I can’t help but notice how exciting 2009 will also be. I know what I want, and I know that I can get anything if I put my heart into it. A few years ago all I wanted was marriage and children and travel. I think the first two are still deep rooted into me, but I realize now that those things can, and will, always be there. For now, I’m focused on figuring out who I am, and how to get where I want to be. So, to say hello to the new year, I say hello to the following:

Hello to:
The year I graduate.
The year I move back to Saskatoon.
The year I start to work at a vegetarian lifestyle.
The year I continue to work harder at an environmentally conscious lifestyle.
The year I apply for a work VISA abroad.
The year I see more amazing shows with Jin.
The year I work full time this summer to save money.
The year I travel.

Yes. I think 2009 should unveil itself as a prosperous year for me both emotionally and physically. Hoorah!


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