waiting to board


.. is usually okay, but the Saskatoon airport is so small and nothing is open! We got here early but the flight coming into Saskatoon is an hour late; this is not a big problem, but I wish I’d known before hand. I shouldn’t complain though, since so many people were stranded in the Vancity airport for hours/days a few weeks ago. Hoorah for snow storms!

Mom and Dad bought me some new luggage, so we were having fun figuring out how I’ll carry it all home. Jin said the small roads (ie, our street) were not plowed and the cab driver only took her to the corner. Thankfully out house isn’t too far from the corner, but I hope I don’t have to walk.

Oh well.

Unless the pilot needs to make a sudden detour to Seattle (like he/she did for Jin) I should be in Vancouver around 12:30 local time. Cross your fingers for me.

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