vegetarian art


My art class this year is self directed, and until today I didn’t really know what I wanted to talk about with my art. The teacher asked everyone what they expected in class, and no one said much of anything. I said I’d like ‘good’ crits, and a gallery show in the art building if possible. People sounded interested, so hopefully something will happen. I decided I’d like to create a project about becoming vegetarian, which I am proud to say I was very successful at today. I had a veggie burrito for lunch, and veggie pad thai for dinner. Go Heather!

My reasons for becoming vegetarian mostly stem from environmental issues, and trying to make as small a footprint as possible. North America mass produces so much meat products for local use and export, and the effects on the planet are tiresome. Also, mass production means poor environments to raise animals for food. Over crowding in cages, unethical means of killing animals, etc., really bothers me. This leads to me thinking that being vegan would be ideal. After all, my breakfast eggs are laid in overcrowded chicken coups, and milk comes from over squeezed cow udders. I’ve thought about buying meat from organic/local farmers, too. Still, I think becoming vegetarian will be the first step. I need to research proper alternative sources of protein, etc. I think I’ll take a walk to my local organic/health food grocery store tomorrow.

If you have any ideas on how I might relate this journey to art, let me know. I’m still in the [very] early stages.


One Response to “vegetarian art”

  1. Katie said

    This is so awesome of you Heather!

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