Lenka and that other guy


Sunday night Jin and I met up with some friends at The Media Club to see Lenka. I’d only heard a couple of her songs on MySpace, but am so glad we went. First, tickets were only 15 bucks, and then the beer was cheap too. How much better can a concert be? Oh, right, the music was incredible too. She reminded Jin and I of Feist quite a lot. Her voice is beautiful, and her music is so upbeat and happy in a funky way.

Also funny: Jin and I were upset about the lack of cute indie boys at the show, until I comically pointed out one incredibly emo boy, about whom Jin commented “He looks like an Oompa Loompa,” and I nearly died from laughing so hard. Then she honestly pointed out boy in a scarf who we both thought was drop dead gorgeous. Then Lenka’s band came on, and both boys are in it.

I hope she does well on the rest of the tour, but she might find a different opening act. Gabe Dickson (I think was his name) was awful. He’s not worh mentioning on this blog, save the act I want to tell this story:

When we reached the Media Club we saw people sitting the floor near the stage, and I thought “Okay, they must be waiting for the show to start.” The ambience was nice with candles all around, and the stage was very cute: cut out clouds, a colorful banner, etc. However, once Gabe came onto stage, the crowd continued to sit and remained absolutely silent throughout the entire set. It was extremely awkward and felt more like a bad poetry reading where the audience was filled with family members and friends. his lyrics were painfully predictable, and like those you might find in a 14 year old’s diary. Jin, Brian, Candy, and I talked through his set, and made fun of him to one another. We didn’t think we were loud or obnoxious (it was concert after all) until an apparent fan shushed us! Yes! I was shushed at a concert! Needless to say, I was not impressed.

Oh well. I hope to see another show on Thursday at the Media Club. A bunch of bands are playing, some from around Vancouver.

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