I thought they were over


Last night I had another meat dream. It’s funny, even though I gave up all meat, especially beef due to the energy it takes to raise beef for food, all of my meat dreams are about chicken. I think it’s because I like chicken, and couldn’t really care less about beef.

I dreamed I was at home (again) and Mom was making chicken dinner. She asked me to watch the meal, so I opened the lid of the roasting pan and the food smelled so good. I wanted to taste it so badly, but held off and knew that my vegetarian meal would taste delicious as well.

I’ve been working diligently on my online geology/Earth and Ocean Science course. It’s interesting, I suppose. There is a large focus on writing (duh, it’s online), communication, discussion, etc. It’s a fresh approach to the course. The instructor seems extremely nice and funny, and she’s really interested in getting to know her students on a one on one basis. It’s nice. The videos are really entertaining and funny, which makes learning about this information a lot easier. Making time on my own to work on the course is a bit difficult, especially since I’m not extremely interested in the subject matter. Oh well, the online aspect works well for me so that I can still work.

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