Update as promised


Tegan and Sara:

Good, in a very different way than last time I saw them. Last time they were on a small stage with a much more acoustic sound, and bantered with one another/told stories a lot more. This time they played in a huge theater, and performed a much rockier/edgier set, and told less stories. They also sped up most of their songs, which I think was to allow them to play the whole set in a shorter time since they shared the stage with Broken Social Scene. I bought a t shirt.

Broken Social Scene:

Great, very great. The better act of the two by far. 9 members came out, including Keven Drew, Brendan Canning, Even Cranley from Stars, Charles Spearin from Do Make Say Think,  and others.They have an energy that I’ve never seen on stage before. Each member is obviously an amazing musician, and when they team up it’s pretty magical. I bought some pins.

Also, I’m going to Europe in September with my friend Brian unless something really drastic happens. We’re going to talk to the travel agents on Tuesday so they can answer all our burning questions. Will update you on that later.


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