Love will Tear us Apart


Control, Anton Corbijn

Sam Riley’s performance as Ian Curtis was incredible. So was Samantha Morton’s as Debbie Curtis. Still, the film lacked.. something. Time was very strange in this film, and I wasn’t entirely sure how much of it passed through certain periods of the film. For example, all of a sudden Debbie is pregnant, which of course means at least 7 or 8 months had passed by. I suppose it was a shock to the audience for the same reason it was a shock to Ian’s friends/band members: Ian didn’t talk about the pregnancy. Yes, that makes sense. Regardless, something was still missing. The ending seemed very fake and forced, and the resolution seemed weak. It’s understood Ian was depressed and didn’t want either his wife to leave him, nor did he want to leave his girlfriend, but his suicide simply didn’t seem warranted in the film.

Watch it though, I liked it.

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