No One Does it Like You (in ear park)


Paper writing is lovely. Tea is lovely. Spring cleaning is lovely. I’m so happy when the sun shines.

School’s over in 2 weeks. I’m getting anxious. Tell me everything will be okay, and then promise me a celebratory drink. I plan to have lots of fun when this is all over. There’s a lot to celebrate.

My plans for Europe have slightly changed. Mid life crises and money matters get the best of everyone. Wish you the best.

You want to go travel Europe with me? I know you do. Each one of you has a soft spot for me, otherwise you wouldn’t read these posts. So, come on and let’s have some fun in some new and exciting places. I know you want to, you know you want to, so just do it.

The kids upstairs are yelling at each other. Poor souls.

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