Calvin Harris painted the hands and feet of several beautiful women with a conductive ink, which, when clapped, stomped, or touched, creates music.

Creative Review has more [technical] information!


No Meat x 7 Months


Hello all,

I am very excited to share with you that, as of today, I am 7 months free of meat! I feel healthier and more fit than ever before and, though I largely owe that to eating healthier and being more active, I believe vegetarianism pushed me into this lifestyle.

Some said it couldn’t be done and, though I am not here to say ‘I told you so,’ er, well.. you get the point.

Unfortunately, there is no good food in my house with which to celebrate, but I will think happy thoughts and that will be good enough.

In other news, I am moving back home (Vancouver) on August 17. I know, I know, I was supposed to be in Europe by that time, but times are tough and money is not to be had. Oh well. I have a home, and a job, and many loved ones to keep me happy. Adventures and happiness await me back on the coast.

Now to pack, work, pack, see friends, pack!

9 year old Connor Wartelle:

He’s got such a great stage presence! He loves what he does, and isn’t afraid to show it.

Love it.

Crazy 4 Cult 3D


Gallery1988 held a gallery show based themed around Cult Films. A lot of them are pretty fantastic, and it was fun guessing the film from the artwork. Take a look.

Here are some of my favorites:

Aaron Jasinski "Dollhouse Dilemma"

Aaron Jasinski “Dollhouse Dilemma” (Welcome to the Dollhouse)

Scott Campbell Showdowns

Scott Campbell “Showdowns” (Various Films)

Dan May Portrait of a Gentle ManDan May “Portrait of a Gentle Man” (Edward Scissorhands)

Dave Perillo Goonies Never Say DieDave Perillo “Goonies Never Say Die” (The Goonies)

Dan Lydersen The Seven Deadly SinsDan Lydersen “Seven Deadly Sins” (Various Films)

Kirk Demarais The Torrances

Kirk Demarais “The Torrances” (The Shining)

Others that I really like: Audrey Pongracz’s “Moloko Plus,” and “Gooses Geeses;” Ben Strawn’s “Pee-Wee;” Ruel Pascual’s
“28 Days, 6 Hours, 42 Minutes, 12 Seconds… We’re Almost Home;” Luke Berliner’s “The Rejects;” Sarah Soe’s
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory series.

Jesus Loves You